My Relationship With Revision

Revision and I have a love hate relationship. The idea of revising my own work or having someone else revise it for me is scary. When it comes to my writing I am not a very confident person. I feel like I am really good at getting my thoughts on paper, but when it comes to correct grammar and putting my thoughts in an order that would make sense to the reader I have just never been good at that. Although revision scares me to some extent, I really do think that revision is an important part of the writing process. When I have revised my work or when people revise my work many errors are brought up in my writing, which makes me very thankful for the opportunity to be able to revise my work. I have gotten dramatic grade changes just for fixing my grammar in a paper. Yeah I’d say revision is pretty helpful. I do realize it is helpful, I’ve just never liked to follow through with letting people see my writing. I know that when it comes to the fears of revision my papers could be a lot worse than they actually are, I over-think things!! There is something very nice about the act  of revising though, it’s a good feeling to know that some big errors that you made can be fixed since you’ve put the time into revising it. I am confused by just reading this blog post, mostly because I don’t quite know where my relationship stands in terms of revision.

By harrisonmitch24

One comment on “My Relationship With Revision

  1. I like how you’re so open and honest about your thoughts on revision. Everyone is in the same boat — we don’t exactly know where we stand when it comes to revision. Sometimes it’s great, but then sometimes there’s a limit to how much revising can be done before we start over-thinking. You have a great attitude towards revising in general, keep working hard!

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