An Author on Revision

Kate Messner is the writer of the book titled Real Revision. In this book Messner comments on some of her writing techniques. One of her biggest techniques is making her first drafts “messy,” she puts x’s through things she doesn’t like and highlights parts she wants to keep. She also corrects her grammar in red pen to make it stand out. Messner’s techniques are much different from mine. When I cross out a big chunk of an essay I just see more work ahead of me. Usually what I say the first time in a paper is the only thought that comes to my head when I’m writing. So to cross a big chunk of writing out means I will need to come up with other ideas, which I did not even have in the first place. I will be the first one to admit that a lot of my bad revision techniques come from laziness. I like to get papers done in a timely manner and I feel like taking 2 days or so to revise my work is going to put me behind even farther than I already feel. I think Messner’s techniques are great and they are for sure techniques that I need to be practicing every time I write a paper for a class or something. Messner does a great job at demonstrating the importance of revision.

By harrisonmitch24

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