Stupid Research Essay’s

There are many negative reasons for buying a research essay from a website. Here are ten reasons why I think it’s stupid.

  1. Even though you are buying the essay you are still taking part in what society today calls “plagiarism” although you bought it, it is still someone else’s work.
  2. Websites such as or usually tend to be websites that are not at all reputable.
  3. Buying anything online, especially an essay, is not a safe move. Certain websites could be scamming you for your money without you even knowing.
  4. Buying essays online is expensive, which is then defined as a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.
  5. The fact that you had to buy an essay just to get buy just shows how much you shouldn’t be in college.
  6. The paper you may have bought could have very well received a failing grade.
  7. How do you learn anything by just buying someone else’s essay? That defeats the whole purpose of writing papers, LEARNING.
  8. A professor could catch you for plagiarism, at this point you’ve just dug yourself your own grave.
  9. What happens if you buy the essay and it turns out to be an essay in some other language?
  10. The paper that you have bought could potentially have been plagiarized by the person who sold it to you.
By harrisonmitch24

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