Plagiarism Incident

A CNN host by the name of Fareed Zakaria was accused for plagiarizing while writing a column regarding gun control. A National Rifle Association editor realized that the column that Zakaria put out almost exactly matched a column that the NRA put out. You can see the similarities between columns at, A punishment for this act of plagiarism has not been announced, although reporters do say that apology from Zakaria is still being awaited. After the plagiarism was found out about, Time Magazine, which is the magazine that Zakaria was writing for stated that they take no responsibility for the act and will find the correct punishment to serve Zakaria with.

My thought’s on this is I think it was an incredibly stupid idea for this guy to even think about plagiarizing, especially with the type of job he is in as a news anchor. If he lies in his article how reputable is he when does a news report on CNN. I hope that Time Magazine can find the right punishment and hand to him what he deserves for doing something as stupid as this. There is a lesson that is taught here and that is the fact that Zakaria was caught, it’s quite amazing that the editor of the NRA realized he was plagiarizing, which teaches us that it does not take a lot to be caught for this kind of stuff.

By harrisonmitch24

3 comments on “Plagiarism Incident

  1. I agree. Since he was a news anchor, I find it especially stupid that he chose to plagiarize. I noticed that a few other people used this article, too but I have never heard of it. Thank you for the insight.

  2. I completely agree — you would think that people in a position of high visibility among the community would feel the need to refrain from plagiarizing. It’s crime that ruins your career and your reputation. Great post!

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