The Demise of Guys

After reading Zimbardo and Duncan’s article “The Demise of Guys” I was trying really hard to not be offended by what they said. Although many of the statistics they brought up about guys came off as true and persuasive arguments I still feel as though those stats are based off the average guy stereotype. Zimbardo and Duncan’s facts were good facts. Guys do really spend too much time on video games and watching porn. But this article to me made it sound like this is how we should categorize every guy. A lot of guys are out of touch with the real world and just don’t get it, but I do think that there are many guys who actually do get it that don’t immerse themselves in video games or porn. I love video games and I used to have issues with porn, but does that make me just another guy who is into stuff like that and who has a hard time keeping human relationships. I think I am perfectly capable of having healthy humanly relationships even though I have struggled with things that ALOT of guys do. I think the idea behind this article was a very good and persuasive article, but it to some extent and in my opinion, is kind of offensive.

By harrisonmitch24

One comment on “The Demise of Guys

  1. I agree with this post 100%! I am totally on the side of guys when I say that not every one of them should be assumed to be watching porn or addicted to gaming. Great post due to your well stated opinions and reasoning!

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