Misleading Media.


  • The stats on election night are probably some of the most messed up ones. You have many media websites such as CNN who are a completely left-winged broadcasting who “predict” the results, which usually is predicted to be a democrat because of their Liberal background.


  • Sports statistics are also messed with and manipulated with sometimes. Certain broadcasting stations have their own biased opinions what teams are better than another and that sadly leaks into the professional world of sports broadcasting.


  • Weight watchers and other weight loss programs can also be a misleading source of media. In order for weight loss programs to prove that their program really works, they have to lie from time to time to make the truth sound even better than it already does. The person in those commercials who says that actually lost 85 pounds may actually mean 5 pounds… You’d never know thanks to Photoshop.


  • Magazine’s can also deceive many readers. Magazines, just like weight loss programs, try to make people and objects look better to enrich their advertisement. This is done also using Photoshop and other programs that take blemishes out of things that may have a wrinkle or two.


  • Fast food companies use their advertising to get more public attention. There have been many times where I have heard of fast food restaurants becoming “healthier” but that is just another misleading fact of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s. I just recently saw a McDonald’s commercial for their salads… Just because McDonald’s has salad does not mean they automatically get bumped up on the healthy scale.



By harrisonmitch24

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