Research in Religion

  • The website above is great for doing research in religion because they have many facts about the nondenominational church through studies that they have conducted. They also have a wide of variety of leadership resources and offer people in ministry to learn more about the church.

  • This website site is also a great site it has great research topics and resources. For example, one of the posts this site posted was “Suggestions for Young Preachers” which, offered  good advice to someone like me who will be pretty young once I get into ministry.

  • gives users great survey data to help present churches make decisions based on the data that has been performed. This website gives those who are in the ministry great insight as to what to what the next direction to take their church in. I found this website very interesting!

  • is one of the best research sites I have found because it offers not only research results but it also offers articles from recent christian scholars that gives great, in-depth insight as to how the christian church is changing and how ministers are to evolve their church to meet the needs of this generation.



By harrisonmitch24

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