“The Boy Behind the Mask”

What an inspiring story, I can now see why this story was up to win a Pulitzer Prize. This story was moving, and Sam, a little boy with a big deformity is truly inspiring in this story. What was so awesome about this story was that Sam had a passion to get better and for things to change. He would literally beg doctors to help fix the deformity that was a huge barrier in his life, this just goes to show how big his dreams actually were. I was moved when reading this story, as were most people of course. The least interesting part of this story to me was to find out that what was supposed to be a 50% difference didn’t turn out to look like that much, but what was so cool was that when he returned to school and then started at grant for his freshman year, people loved on him, which I think teaches us a lesson. Although I think it is sad that it took that much work for people to see the value in Sam I still think it is awesome that people were aware of how much better he looked even though he did not look that much different. People who have deformities such as Sam want to be seen and they deserve to be loved just like every other person on this earth. Overall, I think this piece has been put on this list for the Pulitzer Prize award is because of the message that it teaches the readers.

By harrisonmitch24

4 comments on ““The Boy Behind the Mask”

  1. While reading the story, I became resentful at people’s negative attitude toward Sam. For example, a teenager knocked on Sam’s door, just to show Sam’s face to his friends; and the school supervisor took it for granted that Sam was mentally retarded. However, I was glad that there were still nice people who wanted to become friends with Sam. As you said, people like Sam deserve to be loved!

  2. This is a great post about a great story. I like how you showed what it meant to you and not just commenting on the story. Well done

  3. Nice post; great concluding points on the story. I like how you included your response to the story and your reaction to the other students in Sam’s life. And I agree, the story does teach us a valuable lesson in the end. Like the doctors, it’s important that we be able to see past the exterior and appreciate valuable people for who they are.

  4. I couldn’t find anything within the article that I liked least, but after reading your blog post I can say that I agree with you and am in fact disappointed with the lack of difference that surgery had on Sam, physically at least. I expected the surgery to have had more of a change on him physically. However, I think that the most wonderful alteration that was due to the surgery was Sam on the inside. I believe that the surgery alone gave him the confidence and the faith in himself that he needed so desperately. And we see that at the end of the article when he is able to no longer hide. At that moment we know that the surgery did do its job by changing his life. Anyways, great post! I enjoyed reading your ideas.

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