Tim Tebow, Luke Babbitt, and The Expression of Faith

Dear Dave,

I read the article that you had written in response to a letter that you had received about Tebow and Babbitt’s acts of faith. There are some points within this article that I agreed with you and then there were other points that I did not. I did agree with your third theological statement. It is weird when someone in sports makes that game-winning short or touchdown points their finger to the sky. They already have their six points so why do they need to do the whole expression of faith thing after they get what they want? Why not before? I do disagree though with the idea that expressions of faith in sports comes off as a distraction. I think that people who are not christians who follow sports make a bigger deal about expressions of faith then they need to? Since when are professional athlete’s not allowed to be religious or show their religious side during a game. Although I think that athletes expressing their faith is a bit iffy, I think that it shouldn’t matter what they do just as long as it is with good intentions. All I can say is that, if they express their faith I hope it’s expressing it to the God that I serve.

Harrison Mitchell

By harrisonmitch24

2 comments on “Tim Tebow, Luke Babbitt, and The Expression of Faith

  1. I agree with your disagreement with the whole distraction thing. There’s no difference between doing a victory dance and celebrating religiously. People make it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

  2. Totally agree with everything you had to say about this article. Whether a Christian athlete publicly or privately gives God thanks for success in their sport all that matters is their intentions behind it. I think that your letter was very well said, good job!

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