Kohleun’s Essay

In Kohleun’s essay, For Dear Life: Confessions of a Christian College Adjunct, Kohleun touches on some pretty controversial stuff that happens within the church. Although I am not a female and do not struggle with the issues that pertain to females and leadership positions in the church, it is still something that I think about a lot. Why is it that almost all preachers or teachers within the church are mainly male? What is it about males that is so much better in leadership than women can be? Kohleun pointed out how when we think about God we think of manly features, which then makes us think, since God only portrays the qualities of a man what does that mean for women, does that make time any less valuable? The answer is no, God created both male and female he breathed the breath of life into both Adam and Eve’s bodies. If God only wanted man on earth he would have only created man. There are many ways women are stronger than men. A lot of women are even better at running a business then men are! Although the church is not a business, it still takes some of the same sorts of skills that you would need in a business to lead a congregation. I don’t understand why women have to be overlooked just because people are pretty much misinterpreting the bible. It is for sure hard to stay connected with an organized religion when all they do is judge and argue about what gender is better for an open pastoral position or teaching position in the church. This is definitely something I hope to see change in the years to come as I enter into ministry as well.

By harrisonmitch24

3 comments on “Kohleun’s Essay

  1. It is so true, I have never met a female pastor or even youth pastor. I always relate the church to men but that isn’t a good thing! Good post.

  2. I would have to partially agree with you on the leadership roles within the church. In my own experience the Sunday school teachers were generally women but all of my pastors have been male. This is a very interesting subject within the church. I think you did a great job on this post and you supported yourself well. Good Job. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. It is very strange how there seems to be a shortage of women pastors. I agree with you on the idea that women can make great pastors. It is funny as well how people attribute “masculine” qualities to god, but the caring paternal and loving that are “feminine” qualities seem to be forgotten. Truly there are only biological qualities that define female from male.

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