Methods of Using Research Material

Summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting are the most important keys to writing a good research paper. When summarizing something remember to use your own words! There are many times when people get caught for plagiarism because they used the summary given to them in the article or whatever source you are using instead of coming up with their own summary. This is where paraphrasing comes into play as well. To write a good summary, you must paraphrase the source that is given to you. Without doing that you can be caught plagiarizing, which will then go on your permanent record. If you are going to use someone else’s idea, you must cite your sources or quote other people’s idea to give them credit for the work that they have published. All three of these tools are necessary to writing a proper research paper. It is crucial that you give other people’s ideas proper citing. You may find that keeping up with these things may become some sort of inconvenience but this is when you consider the consequences if you fail to follow these few simple guidelines. If I were to choose one method to use, I would probably use the summarizing method. If you are good at putting things in your own words this is also the method for you.

By harrisonmitch24

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