Is Google Making Us Stupid?

In this article I feel as though Carr points out both the positive and negative of the internet. As a writer, Carr talks about and refers to the internet as a “God send” as a writer, I am sure that the internet now in days is a positive thing. Carr talks about how the internet has allowed people to read more than they probably ever would if they were just sitting down and reading a book. In this article I don’t feel like Carr is completely against the idea of the new age of online. Online databases provide us information the we must read first before we can even process what it is saying. I think I would be a little more concerned if google had a system that would read to us. But it doesn’t, which means we need to read the information still. In my opinion, there are many downfalls of the internet, even google. It’s giving us the answers to questions too easily and it is also a distraction. But in the long run I do believe that the internet eventually will make us smarter more intellectual people because of the amount of reading we need to do to even find something online. It is easy to see that the internet will be our downfall, but is that actually a true statement?

By harrisonmitch24

One comment on “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  1. I agree, Google does make it easy to find answers to questions but at the same time it challenges us to find credible sources so we know that those answers are even right. So, we still have to do research but its just at faster speeds.

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