“The Boy Behind the Mask”

What an inspiring story, I can now see why this story was up to win a Pulitzer Prize. This story was moving, and Sam, a little boy with a big deformity is truly inspiring in this story. What was so awesome about this story was that Sam had a passion to get better and for things to change. He would literally beg doctors to help fix the deformity that was a huge barrier in his life, this just goes to show how big his dreams actually were. I was moved when reading this story, as were most people of course. The least interesting part of this story to me was to find out that what was supposed to be a 50% difference didn’t turn out to look like that much, but what was so cool was that when he returned to school and then started at grant for his freshman year, people loved on him, which I think teaches us a lesson. Although I think it is sad that it took that much work for people to see the value in Sam I still think it is awesome that people were aware of how much better he looked even though he did not look that much different. People who have deformities such as Sam want to be seen and they deserve to be loved just like every other person on this earth. Overall, I think this piece has been put on this list for the Pulitzer Prize award is because of the message that it teaches the readers.

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Where to Find Fallacies?

The Presidential Debate: This website has many examples of how many fallacies are used in the presidential debate


Advertisements: Advertisements have many Fallacies as an act of trying to persuade consumers for a product


Philosophy: Philosophy has many theories that contain fallacies


Commercials: Commercials have many fallacies which can be seen in this commercial


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Tim Tebow, Luke Babbitt, and The Expression of Faith

Dear Dave,

I read the article that you had written in response to a letter that you had received about Tebow and Babbitt’s acts of faith. There are some points within this article that I agreed with you and then there were other points that I did not. I did agree with your third theological statement. It is weird when someone in sports makes that game-winning short or touchdown points their finger to the sky. They already have their six points so why do they need to do the whole expression of faith thing after they get what they want? Why not before? I do disagree though with the idea that expressions of faith in sports comes off as a distraction. I think that people who are not christians who follow sports make a bigger deal about expressions of faith then they need to? Since when are professional athlete’s not allowed to be religious or show their religious side during a game. Although I think that athletes expressing their faith is a bit iffy, I think that it shouldn’t matter what they do just as long as it is with good intentions. All I can say is that, if they express their faith I hope it’s expressing it to the God that I serve.

Harrison Mitchell

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This article  above is an opposing view of mass media, which I to an extent, agree with. The mass media has and still is changing. Although in some cases that is a good thing I could see it potentially becoming a bad thing. Media, in some cases pollutes the mind.


This article is the public view of mass media. People make good points in this article saying that we would not be able to understand what was going on in the world around us if it wasn’t for mass media (ie. The presidential debate)


This article is the opposite of the opposing views side, which closely ties into the public views opinion of mass media. Media is how we hear about things these days, without it we would be clueless individuals who have no idea what is going on in the world around us.


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Kohleun’s Essay

In Kohleun’s essay, For Dear Life: Confessions of a Christian College Adjunct, Kohleun touches on some pretty controversial stuff that happens within the church. Although I am not a female and do not struggle with the issues that pertain to females and leadership positions in the church, it is still something that I think about a lot. Why is it that almost all preachers or teachers within the church are mainly male? What is it about males that is so much better in leadership than women can be? Kohleun pointed out how when we think about God we think of manly features, which then makes us think, since God only portrays the qualities of a man what does that mean for women, does that make time any less valuable? The answer is no, God created both male and female he breathed the breath of life into both Adam and Eve’s bodies. If God only wanted man on earth he would have only created man. There are many ways women are stronger than men. A lot of women are even better at running a business then men are! Although the church is not a business, it still takes some of the same sorts of skills that you would need in a business to lead a congregation. I don’t understand why women have to be overlooked just because people are pretty much misinterpreting the bible. It is for sure hard to stay connected with an organized religion when all they do is judge and argue about what gender is better for an open pastoral position or teaching position in the church. This is definitely something I hope to see change in the years to come as I enter into ministry as well.

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Funny Resume Mistakes


  • This website is funny because people sometimes mistype things on resumes that auto-correct into a word that was not even going through their mind as they were typing up their resume. There are 150 of these mistakes on this website.


  • I find these errors funny because a lot of them have to do with modern-day stuff that does not even apply to the position that they are applying for. For example, ““I have a bachelorette degree in computers.”


  • This post just goes to show that some people need to work on the way they word certain things. “Personal Qualities: Outstanding worker; flexible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” I would also recommend getting more person qualities than just Outstanding Worker… It’s too vague!


  • This website is hilarious, because it shows the errors people make and then put pictures next to them to represent what they said in the resume. For example, someone put a dog on their resume and there was a picture of a dog next to it on this website.


  • The mistakes on this website are just basic spelling errors that people made on their resumes. I’d be careful to make mistakes like these ones!
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Methods of Using Research Material

Summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting are the most important keys to writing a good research paper. When summarizing something remember to use your own words! There are many times when people get caught for plagiarism because they used the summary given to them in the article or whatever source you are using instead of coming up with their own summary. This is where paraphrasing comes into play as well. To write a good summary, you must paraphrase the source that is given to you. Without doing that you can be caught plagiarizing, which will then go on your permanent record. If you are going to use someone else’s idea, you must cite your sources or quote other people’s idea to give them credit for the work that they have published. All three of these tools are necessary to writing a proper research paper. It is crucial that you give other people’s ideas proper citing. You may find that keeping up with these things may become some sort of inconvenience but this is when you consider the consequences if you fail to follow these few simple guidelines. If I were to choose one method to use, I would probably use the summarizing method. If you are good at putting things in your own words this is also the method for you.

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

In this article I feel as though Carr points out both the positive and negative of the internet. As a writer, Carr talks about and refers to the internet as a “God send” as a writer, I am sure that the internet now in days is a positive thing. Carr talks about how the internet has allowed people to read more than they probably ever would if they were just sitting down and reading a book. In this article I don’t feel like Carr is completely against the idea of the new age of online. Online databases provide us information the we must read first before we can even process what it is saying. I think I would be a little more concerned if google had a system that would read to us. But it doesn’t, which means we need to read the information still. In my opinion, there are many downfalls of the internet, even google. It’s giving us the answers to questions too easily and it is also a distraction. But in the long run I do believe that the internet eventually will make us smarter more intellectual people because of the amount of reading we need to do to even find something online. It is easy to see that the internet will be our downfall, but is that actually a true statement?

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