Phenomena at Fox

The 80’s dance! Not often do you go to a private university that has dances like we did last Friday night! It was awesome but it could have been strange to someone who has more of conservative background then George Fox has itself. The dance was last friday night. People got dressed up in their wackiest and most horrendous 80’s outfit. You may be thinking, what the heck was the 80’s like anyways? The answer, it was a time of bright-colored clothing, and some of the best music you will find ever! After getting dressed up in our strange-looking outfits we went to a dance which was located in one of the buildings on campus. EHS (Edward-Holman Science Center) to put it in more exact terms. By now you are probably thinking, I thought Christians were not allowed to dance? Answer, it wasn’t really a dance. It was more of a gigantic mosh pit because of how little space we had to work with, which can’t be argued with at all! Although many private universities may not have stuff like this it does not mean that we are a “bad university” what it may mean is that we enjoy celebrating. The way I saw it was almost a celebration of the end of our first month at school! Although this may have seemed like a strange phenomenon to some people it was actually something that I really enjoyed!

By harrisonmitch24

3 comments on “Phenomena at Fox

  1. Great job with the descriptions 😀 Haha And a mosh pit. That was exactly what I think of when I remember last Friday. I definitely agree, a lot of people from the Christian circle are a little surprised to find that we actually had a dance — on campus. But you’re right, and like your point: it’s a celebration. And it doesn’t make us any less Christ-like.

  2. Great post! The descriptions are spot on. Fox people can have fun too! I also sorta stole your idea to write about so thank you haha

  3. Coming from a background where dance is one of the greatest forms of expression, it was funny to see what was considered a “dance” at George Fox University. Watching everyone jump up and down was a funny sight. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to be able to get dressed up, forget about school work for a few hours and have a good time with friends.

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