The Other Wes Moore Theme

In The Other Wes Moore there are many underlying themes. One of the major underlying themes that stick out to me is the theme of family influence. The author Wes Moore was positively influenced by his family, which made him the person that he is today. If it wasn’t for the love and support that Wes’ mom gave him he could have ended up in prison like the other Wes Moore. Both Wes’ were very similar before his Mom began to work two jobs to send the author Wes Moore attended Valley Forge Military Academy, which is where the author Wes Moore became the man that he is today. Although the other Wes Moore’s family supported him they had a more negative influence on him. Tony, Wes’ older brother was not a good influence to the other Wes. He got him involved in the drug industry and from that day on the other Wes Moore’s life would not be the same. He would go in and out of prison, he would be afraid of gangs coming after him because of the type of work that he did for his older brother. All this led to the other Wes Moore killing someone and then being thrown into prison for life not long after that. The Other Wes Moore is a good example about how family influence either economically or emotionally can really influence who we become in the future.

By harrisonmitch24

One comment on “The Other Wes Moore Theme

  1. So true, family influence creates who were are. Without a good influence in our lives, we can and usually make bad decisions, but not all the time. Great post.

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