The Other Wes Moore Interview

The Other Wes Moore Interview

What Wes Moore is ultimately saying in this interview with Stephen Colbert is that how we are cared for in our past can really affect who we become in the future. Which played out to be a big theme in the whole book itself. Stephen Colbert asked a very interesting question saying, “How does the other Wes Moore feel about being the bad Wes Moore? Does he like talking to you?” Moore who was being interviewed said that he reminds the Wes Moore in prison that the story that has become so popular is a story warning people about the consequences behind some of the decisions that Moore made. Both Moore’s went through some really hard things but one overcame those things over the other. I thought it was amazing that Wes Moore did not even know the incarcerated Wes Moore before this all happened. That was interesting because I read the book thinking that they had known each other or something. After hearing this interview and reading the book I really think that this story is God appointed. It’s crazy how coincidences like that happen to people with an uncommon name and I have no other reason to believe that God set up the relationship between both of the Wes’. Overall this interview gave me more of a background about what Moore was wanting to get out of the book in the long run.

By harrisonmitch24

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