Significant Experience

I have had many significant experiences in my life. Some of which that are positive, and some of which are negative. But only one stands out and just to warn all you readers it does give you a pretty good glimpse into my personal life. But keep in mind as you read this that I owe the outcome to God. Without him I would not have made it through this. At the age of 6 my Father, who was a FedEx truck driver at the time stole millions of dollars worth of computer chips from the well-known company Intel. He was working a plan with his Dad to steal these very expensive pieces of equipment and then sell them online. To no surprise they were caught and both were thrown into federal prison for 16 months. My Mom and I lived alone for 16 months trying to make ends meet without my Father being present. From the time my Father was released from prison till about the age of 17 my Father was emotionally and verbally abusive to my family and I. Saying things like, “You’re worthless, no one cares about you, you measure up to a speck of dust, and you will never succeed in anything.” This took a big impact on me, and my development into becoming a confident high school student. I began praying hard that God would intervene in some sort of way.

Half way through my 17th year of life I was at school one day and I got a call to go downstairs to talk to my guidance counselor. On my way down to her office I began to ask myself, “Did I do something wrong?” “What class am I failing?” I arrived in her office and began asking her all the questions I was previously asking myself. She told me I didn’t need to worry about that. She then looked at me and said that several reports had been called into DHS about my Father’s behavior and they want to try him in court for emotional and verbal abuse. I was in shock! Although it wasn’t the best news ever and it probably meant I was going to lose my Dad. I knew that this was God intervening in my situation. The one I had been praying about for so long. God heard me, and it proved to me that he does hear us in our time of need. My Dad was then removed from our home a month later. And although I no longer have my father in my life I know that God’s hand was in the situation and that it still is.  I will never be able to thank God enough for doing that in my life. My faith in God was restored at that very moment, and I have never lost faith in the works of God since that day. (P.s. This story is going to be a big part of my personal narrative)

By harrisonmitch24

One comment on “Significant Experience

  1. I just want to say that I think it’s really awesome that you can open up like that to people you don’t even know, that takes guts. That is an awesome story and I hope that that situation will do nothing but help you grow in your Faith even more.

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