Narrative With My Grandpa

I had an amazing Grandpa. You’re probably thinking, “You have or you had an amazing Grandpa?” My Grandpa died 3 years ago as of August 30th. He was a great and Godly man. I had the opportunity to see my Grandpa the day before he passed away. He was always invested in ministry ever since graduating from Vanguard University with a degree in ministry. My Grandpa knew that ministry was something that God had called me to go into as well. As I was sitting and talking with my Grandpa the day before he died. He looked at me and said: “I am so proud of you and the accomplishments that you have made. God has called you into a lifetime of ministry to him so work hard to be able to get to that point where you can stand in front of the crowd and preach the gospel.” Although my Grandpa was a great man this was probably one of the most profound things I have heard him tell me.

I looked at my Grandpa after what he told me and I said to him, “one day I’m going to make you proud.” He smiled back at me and said, “It’s too late for that, because I’m already proud of you.” This one conversation with my Grandpa has changed my life. And he inspired me to put God first above all else. His inspiration in my life will one day be carried over into my family and ministry. I know my Grandpa was proud of me before he passed away, and I know he still is.

By harrisonmitch24

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