Stephen King’s “On Writing”

The article “On Writing” was a commentary from Stephen King about how to be a good writer and what tools you may or may not need to become a good writer. He lists some many great things in this article that can make a timid writer become a very confident one. Stephen King is a very respectable author, and has written many books. It was great to get a writers point of view on what writing should look like.

In this article King says, “I am convinced fear is at the root of all bad writing.” It took some time for me to processes this quote because I could not see how fear had anything to do with writing. As I began to think more deeply about what King quoted I began to realize that there was much validity behind what he had said. I think what King meant by this was that when writers become afraid of their own writing, and the structure or the grammar of it we tend to focus more on our fears of the quality rather than what is being produced in a piece of writing.

Fear has gotten in between my writing and I many times. And to be completely honest fear has gotten in between this blog post and I. My biggest fear is whether or not the words I am writing make sense. When I worry about stuff like that I begin to say even more things that don’t make sense either. Fear does nothing for the writer. Writing is supposed to be a free expression of which we shouldn’t feel limited to in any way.  So lets take what King says in this article and apply it to our day-to-day writing as well!

By harrisonmitch24

4 comments on “Stephen King’s “On Writing”

  1. I strongly agree with you. It is so true that writers, from famous novelists to ordinary students like us, are afraid of being judged. I hope that the assignments of sharing writing on WordPress will help us overcome the fears! I feel like I have learned a lot by sharing my writing and discussing with others.


  2. I can definitely relate with you there! Whether you’re a perfectionist and no combination of amazing words and paragraphs seem right to not even knowing which word to start the paper with, fear can be crippling to a talented writer. God created us in his image, so we are by nature creative, the trick is expressing it!

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