Phenomena at Fox

The 80’s dance! Not often do you go to a private university that has dances like we did last Friday night! It was awesome but it could have been strange to someone who has more of conservative background then George Fox has itself. The dance was last friday night. People got dressed up in their wackiest and most horrendous 80’s outfit. You may be thinking, what the heck was the 80’s like anyways? The answer, it was a time of bright-colored clothing, and some of the best music you will find ever! After getting dressed up in our strange-looking outfits we went to a dance which was located in one of the buildings on campus. EHS (Edward-Holman Science Center) to put it in more exact terms. By now you are probably thinking, I thought Christians were not allowed to dance? Answer, it wasn’t really a dance. It was more of a gigantic mosh pit because of how little space we had to work with, which can’t be argued with at all! Although many private universities may not have stuff like this it does not mean that we are a “bad university” what it may mean is that we enjoy celebrating. The way I saw it was almost a celebration of the end of our first month at school! Although this may have seemed like a strange phenomenon to some people it was actually something that I really enjoyed!

By harrisonmitch24

The Other Wes Moore Theme

In The Other Wes Moore there are many underlying themes. One of the major underlying themes that stick out to me is the theme of family influence. The author Wes Moore was positively influenced by his family, which made him the person that he is today. If it wasn’t for the love and support that Wes’ mom gave him he could have ended up in prison like the other Wes Moore. Both Wes’ were very similar before his Mom began to work two jobs to send the author Wes Moore attended Valley Forge Military Academy, which is where the author Wes Moore became the man that he is today. Although the other Wes Moore’s family supported him they had a more negative influence on him. Tony, Wes’ older brother was not a good influence to the other Wes. He got him involved in the drug industry and from that day on the other Wes Moore’s life would not be the same. He would go in and out of prison, he would be afraid of gangs coming after him because of the type of work that he did for his older brother. All this led to the other Wes Moore killing someone and then being thrown into prison for life not long after that. The Other Wes Moore is a good example about how family influence either economically or emotionally can really influence who we become in the future.

By harrisonmitch24

The Other Wes Moore Interview

The Other Wes Moore Interview

What Wes Moore is ultimately saying in this interview with Stephen Colbert is that how we are cared for in our past can really affect who we become in the future. Which played out to be a big theme in the whole book itself. Stephen Colbert asked a very interesting question saying, “How does the other Wes Moore feel about being the bad Wes Moore? Does he like talking to you?” Moore who was being interviewed said that he reminds the Wes Moore in prison that the story that has become so popular is a story warning people about the consequences behind some of the decisions that Moore made. Both Moore’s went through some really hard things but one overcame those things over the other. I thought it was amazing that Wes Moore did not even know the incarcerated Wes Moore before this all happened. That was interesting because I read the book thinking that they had known each other or something. After hearing this interview and reading the book I really think that this story is God appointed. It’s crazy how coincidences like that happen to people with an uncommon name and I have no other reason to believe that God set up the relationship between both of the Wes’. Overall this interview gave me more of a background about what Moore was wanting to get out of the book in the long run.

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Bret Lott’s “Genesis”

In Bret Lott’s essay “Genesis” Bret thinks about the first time he received a bible. Not only that but Bret also reminisces about the first time he wrote his name on that first bible. This in my opinion can be somewhat symbolic. The fact that Bret wrote his name for the first time on his first bible could be the beginning of Brett realizing his identity in Christ. I remember the very first time I had written my name and I remember just how sloppy it looked the first time I wrote it. But after growing up and getting some practice my handwriting has turned out to be some very nice hand writing for a guy at least.  But just like Brett he started of with bad handwriting and over time he became better at it and is now a well known writer. I think this is essay tells us a few stories of Bret’s “beginnings” what I mean about beginnings is that this story tells us about the first time he got a bible and then the first time he wrote his name on that bible which ultimately resulted in Bret figuring out who his identity was in Jesus Christ. The title of this essay fits nicely with the overall meaning of this essay. Genesis is known for it’s “In the beginning” start. Our lives are full of Genesis’ every experience we have gone through started with a beginning and when we die one day we will encounter a new beginning.

By harrisonmitch24

Significant Experience

I have had many significant experiences in my life. Some of which that are positive, and some of which are negative. But only one stands out and just to warn all you readers it does give you a pretty good glimpse into my personal life. But keep in mind as you read this that I owe the outcome to God. Without him I would not have made it through this. At the age of 6 my Father, who was a FedEx truck driver at the time stole millions of dollars worth of computer chips from the well-known company Intel. He was working a plan with his Dad to steal these very expensive pieces of equipment and then sell them online. To no surprise they were caught and both were thrown into federal prison for 16 months. My Mom and I lived alone for 16 months trying to make ends meet without my Father being present. From the time my Father was released from prison till about the age of 17 my Father was emotionally and verbally abusive to my family and I. Saying things like, “You’re worthless, no one cares about you, you measure up to a speck of dust, and you will never succeed in anything.” This took a big impact on me, and my development into becoming a confident high school student. I began praying hard that God would intervene in some sort of way.

Half way through my 17th year of life I was at school one day and I got a call to go downstairs to talk to my guidance counselor. On my way down to her office I began to ask myself, “Did I do something wrong?” “What class am I failing?” I arrived in her office and began asking her all the questions I was previously asking myself. She told me I didn’t need to worry about that. She then looked at me and said that several reports had been called into DHS about my Father’s behavior and they want to try him in court for emotional and verbal abuse. I was in shock! Although it wasn’t the best news ever and it probably meant I was going to lose my Dad. I knew that this was God intervening in my situation. The one I had been praying about for so long. God heard me, and it proved to me that he does hear us in our time of need. My Dad was then removed from our home a month later. And although I no longer have my father in my life I know that God’s hand was in the situation and that it still is.  I will never be able to thank God enough for doing that in my life. My faith in God was restored at that very moment, and I have never lost faith in the works of God since that day. (P.s. This story is going to be a big part of my personal narrative)

By harrisonmitch24

Narrative With My Grandpa

I had an amazing Grandpa. You’re probably thinking, “You have or you had an amazing Grandpa?” My Grandpa died 3 years ago as of August 30th. He was a great and Godly man. I had the opportunity to see my Grandpa the day before he passed away. He was always invested in ministry ever since graduating from Vanguard University with a degree in ministry. My Grandpa knew that ministry was something that God had called me to go into as well. As I was sitting and talking with my Grandpa the day before he died. He looked at me and said: “I am so proud of you and the accomplishments that you have made. God has called you into a lifetime of ministry to him so work hard to be able to get to that point where you can stand in front of the crowd and preach the gospel.” Although my Grandpa was a great man this was probably one of the most profound things I have heard him tell me.

I looked at my Grandpa after what he told me and I said to him, “one day I’m going to make you proud.” He smiled back at me and said, “It’s too late for that, because I’m already proud of you.” This one conversation with my Grandpa has changed my life. And he inspired me to put God first above all else. His inspiration in my life will one day be carried over into my family and ministry. I know my Grandpa was proud of me before he passed away, and I know he still is.

By harrisonmitch24

Stephen King’s “On Writing”

The article “On Writing” was a commentary from Stephen King about how to be a good writer and what tools you may or may not need to become a good writer. He lists some many great things in this article that can make a timid writer become a very confident one. Stephen King is a very respectable author, and has written many books. It was great to get a writers point of view on what writing should look like.

In this article King says, “I am convinced fear is at the root of all bad writing.” It took some time for me to processes this quote because I could not see how fear had anything to do with writing. As I began to think more deeply about what King quoted I began to realize that there was much validity behind what he had said. I think what King meant by this was that when writers become afraid of their own writing, and the structure or the grammar of it we tend to focus more on our fears of the quality rather than what is being produced in a piece of writing.

Fear has gotten in between my writing and I many times. And to be completely honest fear has gotten in between this blog post and I. My biggest fear is whether or not the words I am writing make sense. When I worry about stuff like that I begin to say even more things that don’t make sense either. Fear does nothing for the writer. Writing is supposed to be a free expression of which we shouldn’t feel limited to in any way.  So lets take what King says in this article and apply it to our day-to-day writing as well!

By harrisonmitch24