A Future in Writing?

Although writing is a pain I do think that it is an important part of life. There are so many thoughts that go through my mind day in and day out, and if I was an extraordinary writer, I have to say that I think the stories that I could write would be timeless. I think writing is one of the most important ways to express yourself and who you are as an individual. Writing essays and books are always a great thing, but when it comes to Facebook and texts I still believe that what you are saying in text and Facebook are still your feelings, you’re still expressing yourself. Many people would argue that texting and sending messages or posting statuses on Facebook are not the same thing, I agree with this notion because with texting and Facebook you seem to throw more slang into your writing than you would a formal essay for a class or to be published. The similarities though consist of a very important part of writing, which is the art of expression, I believe a writer can express his or herself through any kind of writing even though the quality of the writing may be different. Being a christians ministries major I have found myself already wring a lot of papers for classes, which leads me to the idea that writing is going to play somewhat of a substantial part in my vocation as a pastor. If I can get better at writing in the next few years, and develop better ways to organize my thoughts I think it would be cool to write a book or something that can be published and sold to the public. That may be a ways off though.

By harrisonmitch24

An Author on Revision

Kate Messner is the writer of the book titled Real Revision. In this book Messner comments on some of her writing techniques. One of her biggest techniques is making her first drafts “messy,” she puts x’s through things she doesn’t like and highlights parts she wants to keep. She also corrects her grammar in red pen to make it stand out. Messner’s techniques are much different from mine. When I cross out a big chunk of an essay I just see more work ahead of me. Usually what I say the first time in a paper is the only thought that comes to my head when I’m writing. So to cross a big chunk of writing out means I will need to come up with other ideas, which I did not even have in the first place. I will be the first one to admit that a lot of my bad revision techniques come from laziness. I like to get papers done in a timely manner and I feel like taking 2 days or so to revise my work is going to put me behind even farther than I already feel. I think Messner’s techniques are great and they are for sure techniques that I need to be practicing every time I write a paper for a class or something. Messner does a great job at demonstrating the importance of revision.

By harrisonmitch24

My Relationship With Revision

Revision and I have a love hate relationship. The idea of revising my own work or having someone else revise it for me is scary. When it comes to my writing I am not a very confident person. I feel like I am really good at getting my thoughts on paper, but when it comes to correct grammar and putting my thoughts in an order that would make sense to the reader I have just never been good at that. Although revision scares me to some extent, I really do think that revision is an important part of the writing process. When I have revised my work or when people revise my work many errors are brought up in my writing, which makes me very thankful for the opportunity to be able to revise my work. I have gotten dramatic grade changes just for fixing my grammar in a paper. Yeah I’d say revision is pretty helpful. I do realize it is helpful, I’ve just never liked to follow through with letting people see my writing. I know that when it comes to the fears of revision my papers could be a lot worse than they actually are, I over-think things!! There is something very nice about the act  of revising though, it’s a good feeling to know that some big errors that you made can be fixed since you’ve put the time into revising it. I am confused by just reading this blog post, mostly because I don’t quite know where my relationship stands in terms of revision.

By harrisonmitch24

Plagiarism Incident

A CNN host by the name of Fareed Zakaria was accused for plagiarizing while writing a column regarding gun control. A National Rifle Association editor realized that the column that Zakaria put out almost exactly matched a column that the NRA put out. You can see the similarities between columns at, http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/08/10/cnn-host-fareed-zakaria-accused-of-plagiarism/. A punishment for this act of plagiarism has not been announced, although reporters do say that apology from Zakaria is still being awaited. After the plagiarism was found out about, Time Magazine, which is the magazine that Zakaria was writing for stated that they take no responsibility for the act and will find the correct punishment to serve Zakaria with.

My thought’s on this is I think it was an incredibly stupid idea for this guy to even think about plagiarizing, especially with the type of job he is in as a news anchor. If he lies in his article how reputable is he when does a news report on CNN. I hope that Time Magazine can find the right punishment and hand to him what he deserves for doing something as stupid as this. There is a lesson that is taught here and that is the fact that Zakaria was caught, it’s quite amazing that the editor of the NRA realized he was plagiarizing, which teaches us that it does not take a lot to be caught for this kind of stuff.

By harrisonmitch24

Stupid Research Essay’s

There are many negative reasons for buying a research essay from a website. Here are ten reasons why I think it’s stupid.

  1. Even though you are buying the essay you are still taking part in what society today calls “plagiarism” although you bought it, it is still someone else’s work.
  2. Websites such as http://www.123helpme.com or http://www.essayshark.com usually tend to be websites that are not at all reputable.
  3. Buying anything online, especially an essay, is not a safe move. Certain websites could be scamming you for your money without you even knowing.
  4. Buying essays online is expensive, which is then defined as a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.
  5. The fact that you had to buy an essay just to get buy just shows how much you shouldn’t be in college.
  6. The paper you may have bought could have very well received a failing grade.
  7. How do you learn anything by just buying someone else’s essay? That defeats the whole purpose of writing papers, LEARNING.
  8. A professor could catch you for plagiarism, at this point you’ve just dug yourself your own grave.
  9. What happens if you buy the essay and it turns out to be an essay in some other language?
  10. The paper that you have bought could potentially have been plagiarized by the person who sold it to you.
By harrisonmitch24

Misleading Media.


  • The stats on election night are probably some of the most messed up ones. You have many media websites such as CNN who are a completely left-winged broadcasting who “predict” the results, which usually is predicted to be a democrat because of their Liberal background.


  • Sports statistics are also messed with and manipulated with sometimes. Certain broadcasting stations have their own biased opinions what teams are better than another and that sadly leaks into the professional world of sports broadcasting.


  • Weight watchers and other weight loss programs can also be a misleading source of media. In order for weight loss programs to prove that their program really works, they have to lie from time to time to make the truth sound even better than it already does. The person in those commercials who says that actually lost 85 pounds may actually mean 5 pounds… You’d never know thanks to Photoshop.


  • Magazine’s can also deceive many readers. Magazines, just like weight loss programs, try to make people and objects look better to enrich their advertisement. This is done also using Photoshop and other programs that take blemishes out of things that may have a wrinkle or two.


  • Fast food companies use their advertising to get more public attention. There have been many times where I have heard of fast food restaurants becoming “healthier” but that is just another misleading fact of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s. I just recently saw a McDonald’s commercial for their salads… Just because McDonald’s has salad does not mean they automatically get bumped up on the healthy scale.



By harrisonmitch24

The Demise of Guys

After reading Zimbardo and Duncan’s article “The Demise of Guys” I was trying really hard to not be offended by what they said. Although many of the statistics they brought up about guys came off as true and persuasive arguments I still feel as though those stats are based off the average guy stereotype. Zimbardo and Duncan’s facts were good facts. Guys do really spend too much time on video games and watching porn. But this article to me made it sound like this is how we should categorize every guy. A lot of guys are out of touch with the real world and just don’t get it, but I do think that there are many guys who actually do get it that don’t immerse themselves in video games or porn. I love video games and I used to have issues with porn, but does that make me just another guy who is into stuff like that and who has a hard time keeping human relationships. I think I am perfectly capable of having healthy humanly relationships even though I have struggled with things that ALOT of guys do. I think the idea behind this article was a very good and persuasive article, but it to some extent and in my opinion, is kind of offensive.

By harrisonmitch24

Research in Religion


  • The website above is great for doing research in religion because they have many facts about the nondenominational church through studies that they have conducted. They also have a wide of variety of leadership resources and offer people in ministry to learn more about the church.


  • This website site is also a great site it has great research topics and resources. For example, one of the posts this site posted was “Suggestions for Young Preachers” which, offered  good advice to someone like me who will be pretty young once I get into ministry.


  • Christian-reasearch.org gives users great survey data to help present churches make decisions based on the data that has been performed. This website gives those who are in the ministry great insight as to what to what the next direction to take their church in. I found this website very interesting!


  • Equip.org is one of the best research sites I have found because it offers not only research results but it also offers articles from recent christian scholars that gives great, in-depth insight as to how the christian church is changing and how ministers are to evolve their church to meet the needs of this generation.



By harrisonmitch24

“The Boy Behind the Mask”

What an inspiring story, I can now see why this story was up to win a Pulitzer Prize. This story was moving, and Sam, a little boy with a big deformity is truly inspiring in this story. What was so awesome about this story was that Sam had a passion to get better and for things to change. He would literally beg doctors to help fix the deformity that was a huge barrier in his life, this just goes to show how big his dreams actually were. I was moved when reading this story, as were most people of course. The least interesting part of this story to me was to find out that what was supposed to be a 50% difference didn’t turn out to look like that much, but what was so cool was that when he returned to school and then started at grant for his freshman year, people loved on him, which I think teaches us a lesson. Although I think it is sad that it took that much work for people to see the value in Sam I still think it is awesome that people were aware of how much better he looked even though he did not look that much different. People who have deformities such as Sam want to be seen and they deserve to be loved just like every other person on this earth. Overall, I think this piece has been put on this list for the Pulitzer Prize award is because of the message that it teaches the readers.

By harrisonmitch24

Where to Find Fallacies?

The Presidential Debate: This website has many examples of how many fallacies are used in the presidential debate


Advertisements: Advertisements have many Fallacies as an act of trying to persuade consumers for a product


Philosophy: Philosophy has many theories that contain fallacies


Commercials: Commercials have many fallacies which can be seen in this commercial


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